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VS Code April Update is Out w/ Faster Syntax Highlighting

VS Code April Update is Out w/ Faster Syntax Highlighting

It's incredible what VS Code is able to do from month to month. The dev team has consistently put out features and updates every month. We've got 1.45 out this month with some nice additions. Add this update to the announcement of GitHub Codespaces and it's already a great month.

The updates in this one are:

Let's browse through my favorite ones.

Switch editor tabs via mouse wheel

I try to use my mouse as little as possible when developing, but it can't be helped sometimes. Having the ability to scroll through open tabs instead of clicking each individual one should save some time.

Faster syntax highlighting

There's a lot of smart words in the VS Code team explanation that go over my head. The main thing to see is 3 times faster performance! VS Code has already been fast for me. This should help out on slower computers or larger files.

GitHub authentication for GitHub repositories

VS Code can authenticate when it realizes that your repo is a GitHub repository. This is the sort of integration I like to see when Microsoft owns both VS Code and GitHub. I'm also wondering if this is a move to lean into letting people use the new GitHub Codespaces.

The authentication will let you pull, push, and clone from public and private repositories. git commands from the integrated terminal will also work.

Settings Sync

This feature is in preview mode. It isn't ready for release, but it is good to see. I have been using the Settings Sync extension to sync my VS Code settings from my desktop to laptop.

We will soon be able to sync directly from within VS Code without another extension. We can also sync with GitHub or Microsoft accounts.


Overall, a very good update again. I'm excited to see more integrations between GitHub and VS Code. With remote development, we could spin up environments and work all inside of GitHub Codespaces while using our local editor. We may even be able to do all this from a mobile device like a phone or iPad!

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